At Resolve Chiropractic in New Berlin, WI, our chiropractor near you offers different treatment strategies to help improve your health and well-being. Our team works closely with you to understand what the underlying cause of your limitation is to create a customized treatment plan. Visit us for chiropractic care from a chiropractor near you for sciatica, back pain, and more

Lifestyle and Nutrition Advice

One way our chiropractic center can help you is by providing lifestyle and nutrition guidance and support. Many factors contribute to health and well-being but one of the most important is creating a foundation for health. Your body depends on healthy nutrition, good sleep, and a healthy lifestyle to help ensure long-term disease and injury prevention. Let us offer customized treatment options to help support your immune system and your body’s natural ability to heal.

Spinal Adjustments 

If you have a condition like sciatica or back pain, it may be due to a misalignment of the spinal column. With spinal adjustments, our chiropractor near you is able to better align the joints, bones, and muscles of your body to help reduce any pain and discomfort on the nerves in the area. Spinal adjustments generally do not hurt and they can help to reduce pain, inflammation, tension, and limited mobility in many people. 

Stretching and Strengthening

When you meet with our chiropractor near you, you may learn specific ways to stretch and strengthen your muscles and joints. Proper exercises like these can help to reduce inflammation, support natural healing, and alleviate pain. For those with sciatica or back pain, these types of exercises may help you avoid more invasive treatments as well.

Other Therapies and Techniques

With different techniques available, we can help you reduce the pain you have so you can live without restriction. A chiropractor near you can offer hands-on support for joint pain, muscle aches, recovery from sports injuries, and even support for concussions and headaches. We offer a targeted approach to improving the function of your body.

Get Chiropractic Care from a Chiropractor in New Berlin, WI, for Sciatica and Back Pain

A chiropractor near you can help you make a positive change in your health and well-being. No matter if you have sciatica, back pain, sports injuries, or more, our chiropractic team at Resolve Chiropractic can offer you the help and relief you may need. Book an appointment with our chiropractor in New Berlin WI, now to learn how we can help you. Call us at (262) 710-0628.


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