Advanced Release Technique(A.R.T)

Soft tissue pain can significantly reduce your range of motion and make enjoying your daily life challenging. Contacting a chiropractor can help reduce your pain and improve mobility. Resolve Chiropractic in New Berlin, WI, can alleviate your pain and discomfort from soft tissue injuries by using the pin and stretch technique, otherwise known as the active release technique. We can help you move more freely and with less pain through chiropractic services that meet all your needs and lifestyle.


What Is the Active Release Technique?

The active release technique, or A.R.T., focuses on stretching specific areas of your muscles rather than the entire muscle. Doing this allows a more targeted approach to alleviating muscle tightness and pain. Your chiropractor will manually “pin” part of the muscle with a hand, forearm, or elbow and then move part of the muscle away from the pinned point. The pin stops the stretch from moving to the rest of the muscle, which keeps the force of the stretch in a smaller and more confined area. The patient will actively move the affected muscle or ligament to allow the chiropractor to feel and effectively treat restricted ligaments, muscles, or tendons.

How Does the Active Release Technique Help?

The active release technique can stretch muscles, ligaments, or tendons to reduce tightness and release blood vessels or nerves trapped by scar tissue. Doing this can reduce pain, get the circulation flowing to the area more freely, and improve the range of motion. Muscles that are more flexible and less tight allow you to bend, stretch, and perform other activities more easily. The active release technique helps you to do more in your day-to-day life with less stiffness and discomfort.

The Active Release Technique Improves Range of Motion

Most people focus on A.R.T. for pain reduction, but this technique can also significantly improve your range of motion. This technique can be vital for people who participate in sports or have chronic overuse pain since it reduces muscle stiffness and tension, causing a significant increase in mobility. More flexible muscles, tendons, and ligaments allow you to move more freely. Better mobility helps you work more effectively, enjoy hobbies, and go on adventures with friends and family. Your chiropractor can tailor your A.R.T. treatment to suit your physical needs and lifestyle.

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Soft tissue pain and discomfort can make playing sports or enjoying your hobbies challenging, so contact Resolve Chiropractic in New Berlin, WI, to get the chiropractic care you need to feel like yourself again. Our active release technique can alleviate stiffness and pain in your muscles, ligaments, and tendons, so call us and schedule an appointment today at (262) 710-0628 for long-lasting pain relief. 


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